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Replacing router hardware with NFA 9.3.3


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)



The NFA 9.3.3 release notes include the following information:

"When a router is replaced with a different model at the same IP address, CA Network Flow Analysis begins collecting data from the new router. The data that was collected from the 'old' router is kept, and marked with an 'OLD' prefix."

In order for this to happen, the old router must be successfully SNMP polled at least once by NFA 9.3.3 before the new router hardware is swapped in. The reason is that NFA detects the changed hardware based upon the SysObjectID value in the Poller database.   If the old router has not been polled by NFA 9.3.3 (or the poll fails), the SysObjectID value will be set to "NULL" and the hardware change will not be properly detected.



1. In the NFA console, go to Administration and then select Enable Interfaces.

2. Select the router and then make sure it can be successfully polled by using the Test, Discover and Refresh buttons on the right:

<Please see attached file for image>



If those tests are successful, the router should be ready to have the hardware replaced. 

If you want to be certain that the Poller database has been updated with the SysObjectID value, you can do these additional steps:


1. Remote Desktop to the Harvester and open a command prompt. 

2. Login to the Poller database:    

     mysql -P3308 poller 

3. Run the following query, replacing the X.X.X.X with the IP of the router:

    select id,address,state from routers where address='X.X.X.X';

4. Make sure the state says "Mapped" and take note of the ID number of the router.

5. Run the following query, replacing the X with the ID number of the router:

    select routerid,sysname,sysobjectid from routers_snmp where routerid=X;  

6. If the result of the query shows a value other than "NULL" in the SysObjectID column, the router hardware is ready to be replaced.   




Component: NQRACO


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