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Clariion probe is not working correctly


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The clariion probe is not working correctly. How do I increase the logging level to construct useful logging output for analysis?


UIM 8.x


The clariion probe does not log complete command lines to the log file without a hidden switch. This is to hide unencrypted passwords, and other reasons.
Please shift-right-click on the clariion probe and go to Raw Configure.
Then, in the setup section, set the following keys (adding new ones as necessary):
loglevel = 5
logsize = 95000
log_command_output = true
log_full_command = true
save_command_output = true
Then restart the probe and recreate the problem.

Important: Allow the probe to run for at least two full monitoring cycles. Then gather these files:

(If all runtime commands fail, zip file may not exist.)
o Attach all these files to the case. Once you have done this, be sure to set the loglevel back to zero and the other three keys to false.

o Also, Storage arrays are dynamic in nature. Please capture fresh screen shots of the issue, if such screen shots were originally submitted. These screen shots should illustrate you issue and match the data being submitted in the above files.