nimSession - failed to connect session.error code 111 (Linux) or error code 10061 (Windows)


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


During startup of the Nimsoft robot, the Controller probe might report error code 111 or 10061 in the controller.log:


Controller error:
Mar 20 13:39:00:408 [139906982979328] Controller: Controller on DR123456-555554 port 48000 started Mar 20 13:39:01:411 [139906982979328] Controller: Hub XXX_NMHUB01(xxx.xx.xx.xx.xx) contact established Mar 20 13:39:01:411 [139906982979328] Controller: nimSession - failed to connect session to, error code 111 Mar 20 13:39:01:411 [139906982979328] Controller: nimPostMessage: sockConnect failed


Controller error:
Apr  5 14:02:08:431 [1996] Controller: Controller on 5384631-2422648 port 48000 started Apr  5 14:02:09:554 [1996] Controller: Hub ATL_NMHUB01(xxx.xx.xx.xx) contact established Apr  5 14:02:10:584 [1996] Controller: nimSession - failed to connect session to xxx.xx.xx.x:48001, error code 10061 Apr  5 14:02:11:598 [1996] Controller: nimPostMessage: sockConnect failed.





This is part of normal operations, as the spooler has not had time to initialize yet. It happens if you turn audit on and when unable to send the audit message (I'm starting...) to the spooler, the controller will send the message directly to the hub.


Component: CAUIM


This is not an error and the messages can be safely ignored.

Additional Information

To validate there are no connection issues, ensure the probe shows as "green" in the IM console.

You can use the probe utility also to validate.

Using IM console, press CTRL-P with the controller highlighted.

In the probe utility, select "check_hub" and click the green arrow.

Probe utility against the controller