Vcenter server is not responding - Reason: Connection and/or inventory update failure - (12)login failed, VI SDK invoke exception - Certificates does not conform to algorithm constraints


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


When trying to connect or test with the appropriate credentials I get :
(12)login failed, VMWare API is unavailable: VI SDK invoke Certificates does not conform to algorithm constraints
This came while the customer performed a Vmotion action using the VSphere client.




Component: UIMVMW


 Information about this error was found in , a thread about connecting to vCenter servers in combination with this error.
"The issue has been resolved. It was due to our vCenter server having a 512-bit SSL on it (was a previous upgrade from 4.0). "
In order to do that, file should be modified. This file is located at c:\Program Files x86\Nimsoft\jre\jre7\lib\security\, which is the JRE_Home for Nimsoft.
Changing value from 1024 to 512 in line "jdk.certpath.disabledAlgoritms=MD2, RSA keysize < 1024" resolved the issue.