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Nimsoft Robot Watcher Service does not get created during installation of NM Server


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)



When installing NMS using Windows Authentication, sometimes the Nimsoft Robot Watcher Service does not get created. ?The installer will report that the installation finished "but with some errors."

Navigating to Windows Services (services.msc) reveals that the Nimsoft Robot Watcher Service does not get created.

Searching the file C:tmp\ia\iaoutput.txt will reveal the following error:

CreateService failed - The account name is invalid or does not exist, or the password is invalid for the account name specified.

This issue occurs only when using Windows Authentication, and does not occur when using Database Authentication (e.g. the "sa" account).


This is a result of an issue with the installer not properly logging in to create the service.

If it is not possible to use Database Authentication then you must take the following steps:

First, make sure the user that you are using for the database authentication exists in the local Administrators group, on both the NMS Server and the Database Server. ??

The user must also have "log on as a service" rights on both machines. ?(See the NMS Installation Guide for further details.)

Finally, the user should be authorized on the database server as a valid user for the database with "dbcreator" and "sysadmin" privileges.

When running the installer, you should also log in to the NMS Server as the intended user and run the installer as that user.

Next, when prompted to enter the database credentials in the installer, the format of the username is important:

if using an Active Directory user, enter the database user's username in DOMAIN\username format, e.g. ?MYDOMAIN\nmsuser

If not using Active Directory (e.g. a local or workgroup user), enter dot/period for the domain, e.g. ?.\nmsuser

If you just use the username by itself it will often result in the service creation failure so it's important to specify a domain or use a dot here.

Following these steps should allow the installation to succeed.


Component: CAUIM