Change IP Address On My Tunnel Server
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Change IP Address On My Tunnel Server


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


You may need to change the IP address on your tunnel server due to various reasons.  Follow the steps in the procedure to cleanly change the IP in the Nimsoft tunnel server.





This is general information applicable to most versions of UIM.


When changing the IP address of the tunnel server, you must create a new Certificate Authority configuration.  To do this:

On the tunnel server, in the hub configuration, tunnels tab, server configuration subtab:

  1. un-check the active checkbox
  2. click apply
  3. restart the probe,
  4. recheck the checkbox and click apply again.

You will see a message that says:

"This Hub has already been configured as a Certificate Authority once, would you like to create a new CA anyway and replace the old configuration?"

Choose 'Yes".

Please note you will be required to provide a password for the UIM Hub - Tunnel Certificate Authority