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How can a specific Active Directory attribute be used in the hub LDAP configuration?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) Unified Infrastructure Management for Mainframe



After hub 5.69, the hub was changed so that the filter_user key (edited through raw configuration) contains a dynamic value for $loginname.  Whereas this was previously hard-coded at: userPrincipleName=$loginname, now, $attr_usr_id=$loginname.

Therefore, the attr_usr_id (also modified through raw configuration) can be modified to any desired Active Directory attribute.  This would then translate to the AD attribute users would use for authentication when logging in to the hub (or UMP)


Release:  Any version
Component: UIMHUB any version


This is the procedure to use a specific Active Directory attribute in the hub LDAP configuration to login to UIM.

To configure UIM to use a specific Active Directory attribute the user must configure the hub LDAP settings.

The LDAP can be configured to use standard LDAP port 389, SSL 636, or the Global Catalog port 3269.
Selecting the “Use SSL” check box, the default LDAP SSL port of 636 is used, or the user can specify the port.  Example: Server Name:
Once that setting has been applied the HUB will need to restart to reload the new configuration.  After the restart the user will need to login as administrator and use the Raw Configure option to complete the customization.

In the Raw Configure the user will need to set the attr_usr_id key to the desired active directory attribute.

  • attr_usr_id = <AD User Attribute>   ie. userPrincipalName, mail, displayName

Verify that the filter user query is using the attr_usr_id variable.

  • filter_user = (&(objectClass=person)(|($attr_usr_id=$loginname)(sAMAccountName=$loginname)))

Once the OK button is clicked the HUB with automatically restart and the UIM is now configured to use the new Active Directory attribute to log into UIM.


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