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UMP server dashboard_engine probe displays back-end server error


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)



When you log into UMP you will notice that you are not able to see any of the alarms on the alarm console and getting errors like

"The back-end server has issued an error requiring the client window to close"

When you check the UMP probes you will notice that the ?dashboard_engine is in error state. Even deactivating and reactivating the probe does not resolve the issue.



What you will notice is if you look at the data_engine is failure to insert messages for alarms and will notice on the hub that the nas queue is backed up. To fix the issue do the following
  • Start Nimsoft services on the primary hub
  • Clear the .sds files for the nas probe, make sure you back the sds files first. The sds files are located on the following path (?C:\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\hub\q\nas)
  • Stop alarm enrichment
  • Stop nas probe and access the nas through the raw configuration, ?and under the setup option make sure that nis_bridge= yes is changed to nis_bridge=no
  • Restart the alarm enrichment probe first and then the nas probe, after restarting the nas probe go to the nas GUI and select?nis bridge tab make sure you check the activate NIS bridge checkbox
  • Restart the UMP probes dap, dashboard, wasp in that order

This should fix your issue.


Component: CAUIM