iSeries robot will not start on foreign-language AS400 machines


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When installing the iSeries robot on an AS400 machine which is configured to use a non-English language, the robot may not start correctly.

The controller.log will show that the domain has not been properly read from the config file (domain = none) and the controller will be trying to erroneously contact a hub at instead of the proper hub IP:

 ************Beginning of data**************                                                    
May 10 17:14:40:704 Controller: ----- NimBUS controller 5.50 Sep 12 2011 started -----          
May 10 17:14:40:718 Controller:  Name   = nimmachine, IP =, Port = 48000            
May 10 17:14:40:718 Controller:  OS     = IBM / AS400 / AS400                                   
May 10 17:14:40:718 Controller:  Domain = none                                                  
May 10 17:14:40:718 Controller:  Loglevel = 0, Logfile = controller.log                         
May 10 17:14:40:805 Controller:  Running as NON-ROOT user NIMBUS (-196085)                      
May 10 17:14:40:805 Controller: -----                                                           
May 10 17:14:41:095 Controller: Controller on nimmachine port 48000 started                       
May 10 17:14:41:113 Controller: nimPostMessage: sockConnect failed                              
May 10 17:14:42:233 Controller: Session Send failed                                             
May 10 17:14:42:234 Controller: hub ( NO CONTACT (communication error)                
May 10 17:14:43:264 Controller: Session Send failed                                             


ISeries robot 5.5x



The issue is caused by the language code. 


In order to correct this problem, the language "English Upper/Lowercase" (language code 2924) should be installed as a secondary language in the environment.

Then, the primary language of the user being used to install the robot should be set to "ENU" and the robot should be reinstalled.

After this, the robot should be able to interpret its config files and start correctly.


Component: CAUIM