CreateProcess error=3, the system cannot find the path specified
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CreateProcess error=3, the system cannot find the path specified


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)



Host response error when configuring the clariion probe ( see attached snapshot)

Failed to contact :Cannot run Program "C:\Program Files\EMC\Navisphere\naviseccli":CreateProcess error=3, the system cannot find the path specified



Check the release notes for the Installation notes/requirements

Navisphere CLI (available from EMC) must be installed on the same system as the probe. The probe will run naviseccli to gather information about the storage system.

You must ensure that NaviSECCli.exe exists in the correct path as mentioned in the config file path.

Statistics Logging must be enabled for many of the performance metrics (but note that this affects Clariion performance to a degree).

Note that the naviseccli command might need to be changed:

default = C:\Program Files\EMC\Navisphere CLI\naviseccli

Open the Raw Configuration window by selecting the probe and hold down SHIFT-key and rt-click and select Raw Configure.
Change in <setup> section of clariion.cfg

UNIX/Linux example:

navicli = </path to navicli> for example:

-> Download and install the latest version of naviseccli ( Navicli is untested by our probe, so we need to be using naviseccli

-> Then edit the clariion.cfg file to point to new binary:
e.g. navicli = /opt/Navisphere/bin/naviseccli


\Program Files\EMC\Navisphere CLI\naviseccli



Component: UIMCLR

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