How do I store Nimsoft collected data in an external database?


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 The adogtw probe  (ADO Database Gateway) can be used in a number of ways -- in this example it will be used to query a database and publish the information on the Nimsoft Bus with a specific Subject. The Information will then travel across the Bus to the Central Hub at which point another copy of the adogtw will be subscribed to the Subject. The Message will then be taken off the Bus and written to another database.


Sometimes you need to send data to another database. You could either have the external database run sql statements to access the data in the nimsoft database on a regular basis or you can have UIM send the data to the external database on a regular basis. 



Any version of UIM.


Follow this procedure:

Create a Publisher profile and specify what database to connect to, and how often the Profile is to run:

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  Run a simple SQL query or a long query that can be stored in a SQL script file:

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Test the results to ensure that it is retrieving the data required:

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Publish a message onto the Nimsoft bus with the Subject “DB_Info” and associate the SQL query column names with Nimsoft variables that are also part of the message:

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The Profile will run at the frequency specified and post a message onto the BUS.
The message then travels on the BUS from the Server that ran the test to the Primary Nimsoft Hub.
Here we can see the message on the bus, with the subject and the user data (udata) specified:

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Create a Subscriber profile and specify what database connection to use for writing the data to:

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Specify what subject the adogtw is to look for on the Bus. When found, write the data to the configured table and fields:

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Additional Information:


See the probe guide for more information.



Component: CAUIM


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