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CA UIM: Tunnel Setup Using tunnelsetup Utility


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)



Setting up Unix hub's tunnels using this procedure


CA UIM hub tunnel on Unix


The tunnel setup utility found in $NIMROOT/hub directory can be used to setup a UNIX hub's tunnels. You run the utility by invoking on command line:

# cd /opt/nimsoft/hub   # replace with Nimsoft location
# ./tunnelsetup
You will be prompted to login as an administrative user:

Please log in to NimBUS as an administrative user
Username: administrator
Password: ********
After login, you will be presented with following options:

1. Import a tunnel client certificate
2. Export a tunnel client certificate
3. Generate a new CA certificate for this server
4. Quit

- Choose option 1 if you are setting up Tunnel client

- Choose options 2 if UNIX hub is setup as tunnel server and you want to generate a tunnel client certificate

- Choose option 3 to setup the UNIX hub as tunnel server

In each case, follow the prompts - the steps are same as its GUI counterpart.


Component: CAUIM