Interface traffic - QOS related to Bandwidth not getting generated for Device


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No QoS is getting generated?from new profile in interface traffic?for Network device (security appliance in this case) configured to be monitored? via interface_traffic although

snmp test is working ok


OID . does not exist for the device. This OID is sysUpTime OID which is used in our calculation. Here is the log snippet :

Nov 20 10:17:02:730 [8100] ift: (SNMPasync) '' OID: ., value=NULL, variable=No Such Object available on this agent at this OID

Nov 20 10:17:02:757 [8100] ift: Collector: No delta time is available on the interface ''

As there is no value for this OID, no further calculation is done to find out the traffic which can be sent as QOS

See article below for the OID's used in the calculation

interface_traffic bandwidth calculation


Component: UIMINT


Interface_traffic  - This probe is no longer supported as of October 1, 2017. This probe is replaced by the snmpcollector probe.

Snmpcollector documentation: