Nimsoft Options for Routing Messages


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This document covers the options for routing messages between hubs. There are several options available on how to route messages between the hub and the focus is to further elaborate on those options.


Release: UIM 7.x or higher


The currently available options are:

  • attach and get queues
  • post queues
  • nas replication and forwarding

The attached document further explains the available options and how to use them in your environment. Access and open the document attached to this KB Article below.

As of the more recent versions of UIM, the alarm_enrichment probes subscribes to the alarm Subject and the nas subscribes to Subject of alarm2 - this is normal.

Here is a limited example from a Primary hub running UIM v20.1.

To send/forward alarms upstream from downstream hubs, you can use ATTACH/GET queues, OR POST queues OR nas replication and forwarding.

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