Spooler not getting a nimbus address or pid
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Spooler not getting a nimbus address or pid


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)



No PID or NimBUS address when you look at the spooler probe in Infrastructure Manager. The following error was received?

[2660] spooler: rdbWriteBlock - unable to write entry header (24 bytes), rc = -1 (No space left on device)?

This means no data was being transmitted to the message hub.


The first step ?to do is make sure that the spooler log level is at 3 or above and you can identify that this is the error that's being received.

The cause of the error is a lack of ?disk space in the that specific location. You will have to go check the hard drive in that location to make sure it has enough space (which most likely it won't).

The solution is to expand space for that drive and once space is available you will see that the spooler will now be stable with a PID and address. To also validate you can look at the log which will show data being transmitted.


Component: CAUIM