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Run-time error '35600' Index out of bounds Error


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)



Run-time error '35600' Index out of bounds when Field Mapping option is selected on nsdgtw probe gui.

nsdgtw Version: 1.14

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Right Click on nsdgtw probe and bring up the Configuration window
  2. Click on Field Mapping button
  3. Add a Standard Service Desk field which is of String Type {(standard)(string)}
  4. Example: Affected Service OR Symptom Description and map it to an Alarm field.
  5. Apply changes and close configuration window.
  6. Right Click on nsdgtw probe and restart probe for changes to take effect
  7. Now again right-click on probe to open the configuration window and click on Field Mappings button
  8. Remove only the Standard Mapped field (example Affected Service OR Symptom Description) that you added in Step 3
  9. Apply changes and close configuration window
  10. Right click on Probe and restart probe
  11. Go back to reopen configuration window and now click on Field Mapping button.
You will see the following error:

?Index out of bounds



  1. Open the nsdgtw.cfg file in a text editor
  2. Go to the section for standard_mapping in the cfg file.
  3. Remove the entire section i.e. delete the section from file and save file

<Symptom Description>
SymptomDescription =
</Symptom Description>

???? 4.? Restart the nsdgtw probe

After this the error should go away.



Component: CAUIM

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