Can't deploy robots using ADE


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES



When trying to distribute robots via ADE, I'm facing the following error message:

04232015 15:34:45,131 [AsyncTracker] DEBUG ADEH2Dal - Updated taskId = '40', status = 'Failed', exception = ' Invoke of: ConnectServer
Source: SWbemLocator
Description: Access is denied.?
, jobId = 'dd90b641a60e450090b3be0bacca3fdb'
04232015 15:34:45,132 [AsyncTracker] DEBUG AsyncTracker - TrackerUpdate Received: TrackerUpdate{jobId=dd90b641a60e450090b3be0bacca3fdb, taskId=40, target=one01, strStageName=null, status=FAILED, Invoke of: ConnectServer
Source: SWbemLocator
Description: Access is denied.

I've followed the instructions published in the documentation, and I'm still facing this error. Where the problem could be?


1) First of all, check the user that you are using in ADE's host_profile.xml file has the appropriate permissions in the target's host WMI namespaces: "CIMV2" & "WMI", via WMI Panel.

2) Following that, confirm you?can access the WMI controls using the username in the target machine by using the tool "wbemtest", connected from a different system.

3) Confirm you are specifying "username" in your host_profile.xml in order to match the "domain\username" name convention, as there is a defect written against the ADE documentation, because this information is not published. This will be corrected.

Now try to execute a new deployment, by restarting ADE.


Component: UIMADE