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Can't deploy robots using ADE


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When trying to distribute robots via ADE, I'm facing the following error message:

04232015 15:34:45,131 [AsyncTracker] DEBUG ADEH2Dal - Updated taskId = '40', status = 'Failed', exception = ' Invoke of: ConnectServer
Source: SWbemLocator
Description: Access is denied.?
, jobId = 'dd90b641a60e450090b3be0bacca3fdb'
04232015 15:34:45,132 [AsyncTracker] DEBUG AsyncTracker - TrackerUpdate Received: TrackerUpdate{jobId=dd90b641a60e450090b3be0bacca3fdb, taskId=40, target=one01, strStageName=null, status=FAILED, Invoke of: ConnectServer
Source: SWbemLocator
Description: Access is denied.

I've followed the instructions published in the documentation, and I'm still facing this error. Where the problem could be


Component: UIMADE


1) First of all, check the user that you are using in ADE's host_profile.xml file has the appropriate permissions in the target's host WMI namespaces: "CIMV2" & "WMI", via WMI Panel.

2) Following that, confirm you can access the WMI controls using the username in the target machine by using the tool "wbemtest", connected from a different system.

3) Confirm you are specifying "username" in your host_profile.xml in order to match the "domain\username" name convention, as there is a defect written against the ADE documentation, because this information is not published. This will be corrected.

Now try to execute a new deployment, by restarting ADE.