Install the Nimsoft Robot RPM in a Non-standard Directory.
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Install the Nimsoft Robot RPM in a Non-standard Directory.


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)




The Nimsoft robot RPM installation default directory is /opt. This is historically where the Nimsoft robot has been installed, but with the RPM is IT possible to install the robot in a directory other than /opt?




Regardless of the directory for installation, the install must always be run as root to avoid problems later on. Also, the answer file 'nms-robot-vars.cfg' should still be placed in /opt.

To install into a non-standard directory run the following command: (arch is the architecture of the machine you are installing to x86 or x86_64)


rpm -ivh nimsoft-robot.[arch].rpm --prefix=[directory_name]


If there are no errors related to the failing of scripts and or the inability for the rpm to be installed in the specified directory then installation is successful.



 Additional Information:


Check 'Deploy Robots in Bulk with a Third-Party Tool and Native Installers'



Component: CAUIM