How to Remove Public Pages and Private Pages for All Users in UMP
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How to Remove Public Pages and Private Pages for All Users in UMP


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


This article describes how you can remove the Public and Private Pages links from the Dock Bar in UMP so that only communities are visible. 


Component: CAUIM


In order to do this, you need to modify the file located in.. 
Note that it is possible that you may not have permissions to modify this file if you are running a hosted environment (Nimsoft On Demand).
If that is the case, bring this to the attention of Nimsoft Support for assistance.
Modify or add the following lines anywhere in the file (typically at the end of the file)... 
This will remove the link to Private Pages and Public Pages on the Docking Bar and you will only see the communities that the users have access to.
If you want to remove one or the other, then you can easily do so by only modifying the appropriate entry.
For example, if you only want users to see Public Pages, you can configure as follows...

Additional Information

--This is an ALL or NOTHING setting. It affects all users including Administrators/Superusers
--Be sure that you have all of your communities available and configured with the desired pages/portlets before doing this 
--Be sure that all users are configured with appropriate permissions to only view the communities required. 
--At any time, if you decide you want to undo this, you can change the settings above from false to true.