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Error when accessing USM - corrupt PDS: can't read index


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)



How can I resolve the the following error, produced when trying to log to USM?:

"An unknown error has occurred. 
Refreshing your browser may resolve the issue. 
com.firehunter.ump.exceptions.DataFactoryException : corrupt PDS: can't read index 5581 from a byte buffer of length 3000 
Stack Trace: 
(3) invalid argument, corrupt PDS: can't read index 5581 from a byte buffer of length 3000"

I tried to create a new page, and adding the USM portrait, but the same problem is being experienced.

I have also tried to redeploy "ump_usm" probe to the UMP server, with no luck, as this didn't resolve the issue.


This error was resolved by executing steps below in order to redeploy wasp: 

- Deactivate wasp 
Before deploying the new wasp save off the probes/service/wasp/webapps/ROOT folder 
- Deploy wasp 
- Activate wasp 
- Deactivate wasp 
- copy old ROOT back 
- Activate wasp 

On the IM check for alarms that has the message field with a lot characters, if so please acknowledge the alarm, but if this alarm is still active will trigger again and will cause the issue again. Make sure you fix this problem on the source probe.



Release: CNMSPP99000-8.47-Unified Infrastructure Mgmt-Server Pack-- On Prem