url_response: [<profile_name>] failed: Timeout was reached (28).


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


The url_response Timeout setting is set to 30 seconds (default) when you create a new profile. Some customers see timeout errors due to this out of the box default setting.

When a timeout occurs, the probe inserts a NULL value in the database, therefore, any relqted SLA calculations can potentially be impacted.

The alarms seem to come in waves: Server A will have 4 alarms from 4 of the 14 websites, but then work for another few hours with no problem. Usually, but not always, Server B will throw some alarms, but never from the same servers at the same time.

Often their presence in the alarm console/sub-console is short-lived as it can clear quickly.They are only visible via email alert or via nas Transaction history using a filter.



Any UIM Release



Set the Timeout for the profile(s) to 90 or higher.