No ACLs are available in AccountAdmin portlet in UMP


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When I go to the AccountAdmin portlet in UMP to add new users or accounts, the dropdown list of ACLs is empty, and the Edit ACL button will be missing. ?In some (but not all) cases, a "green bug" icon will also appear in the portlet.

In Infrastucture Manager the ACLs and user/account creation will appear to be fine and users will have no trouble logging in.


This is caused by a corrupted security.cfg file.

Most commonly, the problem is this line:

ldap_group = <none>

If you see this line in security.cfg, take the following steps to correct the issue:

1. Go into security.cfg and find which ACL has the line: ldap_group = <none> ?(e.g. Administrator)
2. Log into IM, go to Security->Manage ACLs?
3. Click 'New' to create a new ACL
4. Choose to Copy From the 'broken' ACL (e.g. Administrator) and give it a new name (e.g. Administrator_2)
5. Click OK to exit ACL management and save the ACLs
6. Now go back to Security->Manage ACLs in IM once more
7. delete the old, broken ACL (e.g. Administrator)
8. Create a new ACL again
9. Copy from the "new" ACL, (Administrator_2) and name it back to the same as the old ACL (e.g. Administrator)?
10. Check the box which says "make ACL permissions available to account/contacts"?
11. Delete the unneeded ACL (e.g. Administrator_2)
When you copy an ACL the "ldap_group" line is not copied - this therefore corrects the problem.

keywords: Failure loading debug payload: TypeError


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