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UIM (NimsoftSLM) Database has Grown to an Unmanageble Size


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I need to know how to reduce the size of my database as it has grown too large.  It appears that old data is not being purged from the database.


Release: 8.x, 9.x


This issue is probably due to trying to delete too much data at one time by setting too wide a range for deletion in your data_engine retention settings. If you try to delete too much data and the log fills up the space on the disk,  then the command will not complete.  It will then rollback what it started.  Also if you try to delete too much data at one time in one day then the full amount may not get deleted in the 1 day period. Then the system will think that data was deleted that wasn't completely deleted.

If you are trying to delete six months' worth of date, delete the oldest 10 days first. If that is successful, delete another 10 days the following night. So in the following example, reduce the Delete raw data older than value to 355, then 345 and so on.

If the T-log is filling up, you may also have your database recovery model set to full.

If the recovery model is set to full , set it to simple and give as much space to the T-log as you can, then try again.


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