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Baseline_engine and prediction_engine queues occasionally turn yellow.


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The baseline_engine and prediction_engine probe queues occasionally turn yellow as seen in the hub Status Tab view in the hub probe.


UIM 8.0


In UIM 8.0, baseline_engine and prediction_engine queues occasionally turn yellow. The queue’s monitored in the hub Status tab window occasionally turn from green to yellow and back to green again. For baseline_engine and prediction_engine, when watching the for queues from the hub status, one might see that the icon/indicator sometimes changes from green to yellow and then back to green again. In the current design, and at an given time/interval, the baseline_engine and prediction_engine periodically resets its own connection to a given queue in order to ensure that the connection stays alive, long term.


None needed. This is normal behavior, by design, and there are no adverse effects to performance, functionality, and data integrity.

Additional Information

See the attached Baseline-Prediction_engine_yellow.pdf document


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