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What metrics are monitored by the netapp probe when the probe is configured for Cluster mode or 7 mode?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)



Brief Overview:

- 7-Mode - either single controller, or two controllers clustered for HA; think of it as "traditional" ONTAP with all the bells & whistles (dedupe, compression, cloning, etc.

- Cluster-Mode - either single controller *pair*, or multiple pairs connected (clustered) via back-end 10GbE network; it originates from ONTAP GX & basically the key thing is, you can have a single storage system with more than two controllers; there are some features specific for C-Mode (single namespace, Infinite Volumes, etc.), but some other features are still missed comparing to 7-Mode (e.g. SnapVault)

Note that we have 2 files in the netapp probe folder: netapp_cmode.dta (C-mode) & netapp.dta (7 mode).You can open those files and view the contents.

In these files, we have all the supported monitors for the respective modes including how they are calculated ? SNMP (OID based) or ONTAPI.

These files are somewhat tough to read and to search through for specific metrics.
For a better view, we pulled the metrics and the corresponding description from the two .dta files and uploaded the information into a simple spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet is attached to this article with name "NetappMetrics.xlsx."

IMPORTANT?- Be sure to note which sheet is for which mode -?7 mode?or?C mode.
We pulled these metrics from the .dta files associated with the?netapp 1.36?version of the probe in a CA UIM 8.3.1?environment.


keywords: cluster mode modes C 7-mode C-mode ONTAPI checkpoints metrics support supported NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP (cDOT) current Netapp probe




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