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When doing a clean install of NMS 7.x or 8.0x. Sometimes customer get an ?issue were-by they can do not have all the probes in the primary location, data engine does not get a port and PID.

?The following errors can be noticed in the data engine and iaoutput.txt

Data engine error:?error Received status (4) on response (for sendRcv) for cmd = 'nametoip' name = 'data_engine'

Any error recieved by the data engine in the log is : user sa connection refused


The cause for the issue is because during the SQL server installation windows authentication was the only the only option choosen. In order for installation to be successful two conditons have to be met.

1. ?SA user has to have full admininstration rights
2. ?Windows mixed mode during installation must be selected


1.In SQL management studio, select ?and right click the database instance, go to properties?
2. Select ?SQL server and windows authentication mode

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3. Under the security tab, select logins and right click on the sa user, scroll down to properties?
4. Under properties make sure that settings are as follows:

Permission to connect to database engine= Grant
Login = Enabled

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Component: UIMDEG


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