DME.POL_[RobotName].QOS_MESSAGE Queue is growing up and not clearing, after upgrading CA UIM to version 8.0 / 8.1


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES



Following the upgrade from 7.6 > 8.1 I can see the following queue building up on the hub:?


There is no probe listed that has subscribed to this queue, and it never goes down.?


baseline_engine probe and prediction_engine probes are dependent, one from each other, and in the baseline_engine log file we found the following subscriber error messages being reported:?

14:07:04,206 [ Thread-3] ERROR mon.nimapi.impl.NimsoftApiImpl - NimSubscribe failure :(1) error, Received status (1) on response (for sendRcv) for cmd = 'subscribe'?
02132015 14:07:04,206 [ Thread-3] ERROR mon.nimapi.impl.NimsoftApiImpl - .........subscribe for queue failed ..........?

This pointed us to a possible problem linked to the queue that was building up, and due to the fact the system affected was not a production environment, we proceeded by deleting the queue DME.POL_ClusRobot.QOS_MESSAGE, and also continued by deleting the probes linked to this queue, and re-deployed both probes, as this will force any queues needed by the probes to be re-created.?

After following the above steps, two new queues were created:




As a result of some research we found out the following information:?

The ATTACH queue titled 'baseline_engine.x.BASELINE_CONFIG' replaces the old DME.x.QOS_MESSAGE queue in/from CAUIM 8.0 onwards.

This means that the old queue no longer has a subscriber - having no subscriber is what is causing it to rapidly fill and never empty.?

You may disable the old DME queue since the messages are being sent through the new baseline_engine.x.BASELINE_CONFIG queue which is created for this purpose.?


Component: CAUIM