How do I attach custom information to robots/devices/alarms?


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How do I attach information to robots/devices/alarms to help the NOC Engineers troubleshoot/resolve problems in the environment?  For example, I want to add contact information for the Administrator of every server along with special notes about rebooting servers or restarting applications, etc.


UIM 8.x onwards


Currently, we don't have a way to store or attach a text string to a specific robot or device. To accomplish what you need to do, the best way will be to use Auto-Operators in the nas probe to filter incoming alarms and then attach Notes or other information to the alarms. This may be done by using a LUA script and there are several examples of LUA scripts already in the nas/Auto-operator/Scripts location.
You can also add notes to alarms, which would allow other users to see the attached note and add/remove/create notes for alarms. You could even have Auto-Operator rules configured to automatically attach notes to an alarm.  
In addition, you could use the nas command interface to attach notes.

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Check out this section of the nas documentation for more information about using notes with alarms:

The complete NAS documentation:




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