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How to set a default Alarm view in the USM alarm portlet


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Default view for Alarms in USM

If you would like to automatically save a default view for the USM alarm console portlet using the USM alarm view page preferences, see below. For example:


Note that this is a workaround using UMP liferay settings as setting a default view is not supported out of the box (as it was previously in the old/deprecated alarm console portlet).

1. Use the existing USM page or Add a page
2. Add the USM portlet if necessary
3. Maximize the Page View by clicking Manage Page Layout and set it to '1 Column'
4. Click on the wrench icon
5. Select Preferences
6. Set Height to a value of 800
7. Set View to Alarm
8. Set the View Options to:


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Note that you can adjust the View options, e.g., columns, origins, etc. as necessary, e.g.,

9. Leave 'Initial Context. set to Default

10. Click Save to save the page view.

11. Refresh / Reload the page and it should now show the desired view.

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Component: CAUIM


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