Why are alarm messages in UMP different than those in IM for the same alarm?
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Why are alarm messages in UMP different than those in IM for the same alarm?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


For certain alarm messages, especially after customizing the alarm messages for a probe, or using a pre-processor to change the alarm message, the alarm does not display the changed message text in UMP, it still displays the original text, even though the changed text appears in IM. Additionally, some alarm messages may differ slightly in UMP vs. IM for the same alarm.

After I customize an alarm message, why does the default message still appear in UMP?


Component: UIMNAS


The reason that UMP alarms may differ, or may still show up as the "default" message even after customization, has to do with the way internationalization (i.e. language translation) is handled.

UMP does not actually translate messages into other languages "on the fly". When an alarm is sent by nas and support for internationalization is enabled, each alarm that is sent includes a special token to identify the type of alarm; the UMP refers to an internal lookup table to match these tokens with default alarm messages.

There are lookup tables for each language supported by UMP, so that if a user changes their display language in the portal, the alarms will be translated into that language automatically.

This even applies to alarms which are in English, and being viewed by a user who uses English as their default portal language -- the messages still contain an internationalization token, and the English-based lookup table is used to find the appropriate message to display in UMP.

If you wish for your customized messages to be displayed in the UMP Alarm Console, or for the alarm messages in UMP to match the original alarm text exactly, you must disable internationalization.

This can be accomplished in the nas probe, under the General setup tab, by un-checking the box Enable support for internationalization.

This will allow the UMP to use the actual message data rather than referring to the lookup tables to display message text; be aware that this will also prevent alarms from being translated into other languages, since the lookup tables for other languages will no longer be used (as there will be no internationalization token to look up in the table).