Moving primary hub directory to another directory location


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES



Here is the procedure for moving Nimsoft from one drive/partition to another on the SAME server...e.g., to D:\ from C:\?

Note that these instructions do not include UMP or the NimsoftSLM database.?

- Shutdown Nimsoft Robot Watcher service?
- Backup C:\Program Files<x86>\Nimsoft?
- Copy C:\Program Files <x86>\Nimsoft to D:\?
- Remove Nimsoft Applications and Server as follows...?
- Nimsoft Applications (Nimsoft Infrastructure Manager)?
- Nimsoft Server?
- Clean out uninstall files and delete the installshield folder which is 'hidden' in the Program files directory. You must 'Show Hidden Files'?
- Remove the C:\Program Files<x86>\Nimsoft folder?
- Remove Nimsoft/NimBUS folders still existing in the registry, located in...?
- Registry for any values pointing to the old drive (C:)?
- Delete ...\Program Files\Nimsoft\versions.txt from new location if present (otherwise Nimsoft Applications will not install during the installation process and will have to be manually installed.)?
- Install the same version of NMS 7.5 and use the copied over Nimsoft folder as the destination. Be sure to change the destination drive to D:\Program Files<x86>\Nimsoft (or other drive if applicable).?
- Copy any relevant probes, if necessary. They should pick up the config from the existing directory?
- Upgrade Nimsoft Server to the latest ?and be sure to change the destination drive to applicable drive




Component: CAUIM