How to create a report of all UIM probe configurations
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How to create a report of all UIM probe configurations


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Probe Audit Report NSA Script

This script is provided AS IS.
Customization and changes can be done by the end user with a little scripting background and testing.

Script description:
This script is designed to go out and loop through all hubs, robots and probes and collect all of the Sections and key-value pairs in all probes. It will then insert them into a table in a SQL database. The un-commented one in the sample script is for Microsoft SQL Server. There are samples if your backend database is MYSQL or Oracle.

The attached Excel spreadsheet and Access database provide samples of how this data may be used for reporting and or comparisons.


Tested on:

- Nimsoft Server version 7.50 & 8.x & 9.X
- Back end SQL server: MS SQL server 2008 Enterprise
- Controller version on primary: 7.05 & 7.80
- Hub version on primary: 7.50 build 797 & 7.80
- NSA version on primary: 2:01
The command to run the script from the NSA directory is as follows:

nsa  -l Probe_audit_report.log Probe_Audit_Report.lua
There are currently 2 log levels 0 and 3 which can be set by editing the script and changing the nimbus.setloglevel line to:

nimbus.setloglevel (0)
nimbus.setloglevel ( 3)
This was tested in a small environment and did work across tunnels.
Included in the attached zip file:

- Probe_Audit_Report.lua
- NSA.pdf use when creating this.
- Probe_audit_report.xlsx sample pivot table excel 2010 spreadsheet.
- Probe_Audit_Report.mdb sample access database with linked table to the SML database. This will need to be changed for your environment and requires a local ODBC connection to be configured.

Suggested LUA editor:


  • Reporting


Use the attached NAS script to collect all probe config information stored in probe .cfg this will not collect template information.


- The script currently looks for and DROPS a table named 'Probe_Audit_Report' in the configured database.
- This is not a current or previous NMS 8.X table name. This table name might change in the future past NMS 8.31 so please check before using.
- This name can be changed as needed in the script. The script is using the SA (systems admin) user name and password. This too can be changed in the script.
- The script was not tested with a user with limited rights.
- This LUA script does NOT provide any type of SQL return error messages.
- The script currently has the Nimsoft User name and password in clear text in the script. This was only tested with administrator.



The following steps must be performed.

1) Download the NSA probe package into your local archive
2) deploy this to the primary hub
3) open a command prompt on the primary NMS server and change to the NSA probe directory. By default this is:C:\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\sdk\nsa
4) edit the Probe_Audit_Report.lua to change the following:

- change nimsoft user name and password for login
- loglevel (optional)
- database name
- database server name
- sa password

5) run the following command from the command prompt:
     nsa  -l Probe_audit_report.log Probe_Audit_Report.lua

(this will create a Probe_audit_report.log in the NSA probe directory with basic logging information)

6) then edit the Probe_audit_report.xlsx to point to your SQL database and the Probe_Audit_Report table and refresh. see

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