data_engine partitioning option when using Oracle


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


In the data_engine probe, there is a "Partition Data Tables" option on the General tab below the "Index maintenance properties." That is what is referred to in the Help docs if you use IM.

However, the link is from Admin Console and when opening the data_engine probe there, it does have a database configuration folder and you can see this option if you're using Microsoft SQL Server as the backend database.

If you're using Oracle for the NimsoftSLM 'database, and you have an Oracle DB license that includes partitioning, you must open the data_engine probe using the web admin console to see and be able to configure the 'partition data tables' option.

Optionally, to activate this option using the Infrastructure Manager, open the data_engine probe by selecting the probe and holding down the SHIFT key then rt-click to open Raw Configure mode.

1. Look for the keyword - data_manage_partition, by default it is set to no
2. Change the value to yes
3. Restart the data_engine

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