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Is There a Way to Tell if My Probe Versions Are the Same Across My Deployment?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


It may be useful to see the versions of one or more probes currently deployed across a Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM) environment. A list can be generated with a query run on the backend database.



Component: CAUIM


Replace the probe names in the following query with the probe(s) for which you would like the information (e.g. "controller" and "hub" as in the example below). You may only do one, or add more, each separated by a comma and in single quotes, as seen in the example. Run in the Unified Management Portal (UMP) SLM portlet or in SQL Management Studio against the CA_UIM database:

 Select probe_name, pkg_version, COUNT(*) as cnt from CM_NIMBUS_PROBE
 where active = 1 and probe_name in ('controller', 'hub')
 group by probe_name, pkg_version;

In the following example image, we have run the query for the net_connect and ad_server probes. It shows us there is only one instance of ad_server in the environment and its version is 2.03, and there are 6 instances of net_connect version 3.37 and 12 CDM instances; five version 6.42 and  seven 6.50