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How do I control the date format for tickets that show up on my Homepage


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CA Cloud Service Management


On logging into Service Desk all ticket create and modified dates show in USA format e.g. 13th July 2011 shows as 7/13/2011. If your users are in a different geographical location their standard date format may be different. For example users using the UK/European format may be used to seeing this date as 13/7/2011
This can be controlled at two levels in the Service Desk
  1. The Slice Configuration Parameter?DEFAULT_TIMEZONE can be set to a suitable value, this will impact your specific instance of Service Desk. To edit this parameter go to Application Setup >> Manage Config Parameters
  2. The next level where each user can control their own date formats is by setting up the Time Zone of their contact record correctly. Each user can setup their own timezone by navigating to Home >> Update My Profile >> Time Zone field


Component: CACSM