What does the 'status' counter monitor mean for ad_response Probe?
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What does the 'status' counter monitor mean for ad_response Probe?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


After setting up the ad_response probe, the following Critical alarm was raised:

“NimBUS Alarm Report For Host: <hostname> at IP Address: <IP>

Reported as NimBUS Alarm Event From <hostname>

Level: critical

ProbeID: ad_response


Message: Active Directory Search on 'AD LDAP Search' changed to Critical state. 'status' counter is 4 (which is > 0).

Sent: 04/11/12 00:18:24 (1334128704)


Event: /2/p2/c3

Arrival: 04/11/12 00:18:25 (1334128705)“


Any Ad_response version


As a very basic explanation, the configured threshold for the checkpoint “AD LDAP Search” has been breached and resulted in the alarm being raised.


The alert mentioned above was performing a search of active directory, by default there are 3 possible counters for these searches:

1. Objects Found: This is used to determine if the correct number of objects are returned by the search.
2. Response time: This is used to determine if the search returned the results in an appropriate time.
3. Status: This is used to determine if the search returned at all. (0 = everything is good, 2 = something failed in the probe, 4 = we tried to do the search but it failed.)

The ad_response probe only has the functionality described above. You can use the "Test Connection" and "Test Query" buttons to determine if everything is setup as desired to begin with.

Also, you can increase the log level in the ad_response.log file from the Probe -> Options menu. (You can view the log by right clicking on the probe and selecting "View log" to see more information.)

Essentially, this probe is designed to give you an alert that there is a problem, but is very limited in the information it can provide. If you need something more configurable, you could look into the ad_server probe instead.

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