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Why Doesn't My xenserver Probe Show CPU Utilization?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) NIMSOFT PROBES


Why Doesn't My xenserver Probe Show CPU Utilization?



Component: CAUIM


The xenserver device does not export CPU utilization content by default. This must be enabled on the xenserver with the following commands:
  >  xe host-list
uuid ( RO)                : <uuid_redacted>
         name-label ( RW): xen1
    name-description ( RW): Default install of XenServer
  >   xe host-param-set uuid=<uuid_redacted> other-config:rrd_update_interval=1

==> The xenserver itself must be restarted to put this parameter into effect.
The following command can be issued to verify the setting:
  > xe host-param-get uuid<uuid_redacted> param-name=other-config 

This is an example of host-param-get showing that the required setting is NOT in force: 

[[email protected] ~]# xe host-param-get uuid=<uuid_redacted> param-name=other-config 
agent_start_time: 1324281474.; boot_time: 1324281314.; iscsi_iqn:
This example shows output that verifies rrd_update_interval: 1
[[email protected] ~]# xe host-param-get uuid=<uuid_redacted> param-name=other-config
agent_start_time: 1327345802.; boot_time: 1327345723.; rrd_update_interval: 1; iscsi_iqn:


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