Bulk configure url_response probe
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Bulk configure url_response probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Is it possible to bulk configure the url_response probe?


Release: Aby UIM
Component: URL Response probe


- administration


Currently the probe does not have a bulk configuration, however  a possible workaround would be:

To use the probe cfg file to add new servers, since it’s a text file you can just change the URL, and the profile name. When doing this please make sure the probe is deactivated.

Below is an example of a profile section in the cfg file:

url = http://www.example.com
active = no
timeout = 15
retry = 3
QoS = yes
interval = 300
group = default
active = yes
max_samples = 5
average = yes
threshold = 8000
thresholdBelow = 0

When editing the url_response probe's configuration file directly, please note the following from the release notes:



  • Use a text editor like Notepad++ on Windows system and gedit on Linux system to edit your configuration file directly. If you use Notepad as an editor, it appends BOM (Byte Order Mark) for an UTF-8 encoding file and the probe does not start with a BOM included configuration file.
  • Do not use Raw Configuration GUI when the probe is deployed in a non-English locale.