Probe configuration window opens in Raw Configure
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Probe configuration window opens in Raw Configure


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management On-Premise (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management SaaS (Nimsoft / UIM)


When I double-click on a probe instead of getting the normal probe GUI, I am getting a raw configuration screen  or probe gets a "stopped working" message, for example:

Probe GUI opens in Raw configure only

How do I resolve this?


- Infrastructure Manager 4.10


When the user requests a probe configuration tool (by double-clicking or right-mouse->configure on a probe), the Raw Configure tool appears instead of the probe-specific GUI.

On each workstation running the the Infrastructure Manager, the configuration tool bits (GUI) for each probe are loaded (fetched) from the probe package (on the local archive) to the workstation and stored inC:\Program Files\Nimsoft\util on the local workstation.

For example, for cdm, the program would be conf_cdm.exe. Each time you ask for the configuration tool (double-click on the probe), the Infrastructure Manager compares the version of the tool on your local workstation with the version in the Primary Hub's local archive and it will fetch a new version from the existing, local probe package if necessary.

Below are things to check to help correct the issue.

***Check if the probe package version exists in the local Archive.If the probe package file is missing, the IM will pop-up the Raw Configure window instead of the probe GUI. If the probe package does not exist in the local archive, download the probe package/version and import it into the archive.*** Then ensure that you have the correct hub address selected in Tools->Options in the Infrastructure Manager, e.g., the Primary Hub, and double-click on the probe again to see if it opens.

Check the contents of the archive directory. Is there a copy of the tool there? Can the logged-in user write into that directory? Do they have Full Control?
Note that in the more recent versions of UIM, the directory used for the conf_<probe>.exe files are now util under Temp (you can check the variable by running set in a cmd window to see where TEMP is, e.g.,
Usually C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\util
Some probes may also be located in the util folder under the Nimsoft home directory.

In the Infrastructure Manager, try doing a SHIFT-double-click on the probe. This forces the Infrastructure Manager to re-fetch the GUI tool from scratch, regardless of whether there is a copy on the local workstation or not. You should very briefly see a "fetching user interface for <probe_name>..." message box.

There can be security issues with this action as the software tries to write to read-only files in these folders where the conf files sit.

To resolve this issue, change permissions if necessary to allow writes into the directory that contains the configuration GUI's. (Full access)

If that doesn't work you can copy the conf_<probe>.exe into the directory it's complaining about and try again.


C:\Users\Nusername>~1.HAS\AppData\Local\Temp/util/conf_<probe_name>.exe for write.

Also check, does logging in as a Windows Administrator and opening the probes exhibit no issues at all?

Is the workstation with the problem on a different network? (There may be a session ID problem -- we hash the IP address of the workstation and that might be different from the point of view of the login hub vs. the distribution server).

Check that the package name for the probe has not been changed. This can been checked using the Infrastructure Manager. Click on the robot so that the list of probes is in the upper right window. Scroll the list to the right until the package name column appears. Make certain the name in this column is the same as the name of the probe.

Also, check the distsrv probe log on the login hub. At log level 1 or 2 you should see the get_configuration command asking for the probe configuration tool.

Check the registry entries under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Nimbus Software\NimBUS Installation or \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WoW6432Node\Nimbus Software AS\NimBUS as shown here for 'Home':

When you login to the Infrastructure Manager make sure you have selected the correct IP address in the bottom of the window (Hub IP).

Make sure that the probe package .zip is physically on the box and seen by the distsrv.

Ensure that you have the correct hub address selected in Tools->Options in the Infrastructure Manager.

Additional Information

NOTE - Not all probes will have a conf_*.exe file associated with them. Probes that are not configurable via IM will not have one, e.g., discovery_server or mon_config_service.
If you are able to configure the probe via IM, but still don't see the conf_*.exe file, perform the following:

- open the configuration GUI in IM
- open Task manager and find the probe in the processes window
- right-click on the probe and click 'Open file location'

Sometimes the conf_*.exe files are put into a Temp directory instead of /nimsoft/util.

Location of probe configuration executables for GUIs are version specific, and must be present in the following location:

For example->  conf_<probe_name>_<version#>.exe,