nas: NiS bridge: Failed to initialize database.


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nas: NiS bridge: Failed to initialize database? error,
If you received an error like this, please make sure your username and password are correct and valid.
Enable the nas log level at 5 you will able to see after the OCISessionGet The NAS will fail.
nas: [0x8C0B06E0] Database provider is 'Oracle', serviceName 'svcxxxxx'
nas: [ndbOracleOpen] starting??? OCIEnv: 0x(nil) OCIAuthInfo: 0x(nil) OCISvcCtx: 0x(nil)
nas: [ndbOracleOpen] OCIEnvCreate...
nas: ndbOracleOpen OCIHandleAlloc errhp...
nas: ndbOracleOpen OCIHandleAlloc ms_pAuthp...
nas: ndbOracleOpen OCIAttrSet OCI_ATTR_USERNAME: ipxxx_owner ...
nas: ndbOracleOpen OCIAttrSet OCI_ATTR_PASSWORD:??? ...
nas: [ndbOracleOpen] OCISessionGet: //xxxxxxxxs15:1521/svcxxxxx ...
nas: [ndbOracleOpen] : Error: Unable to Create Environment.? 7090240
nas: NiS bridge: Failed to initialize database.
Make sure the "EZCONNECT" is enabled on the DB server, at listener.ora
Even if the data_engine is processing this error will happen, because the connection still alive, if you stop the NAS and the data_engine probe the connections still alive, to make sure you have a valid username and password restart the entire hub, this is the only way for the connections to drop and you validate the user and password.


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Component: CAUIM