How to enable cdm probe (CA UIM) to automatically monitor new disks or change existing default thresholds
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How to enable cdm probe (CA UIM) to automatically monitor new disks or change existing default thresholds


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Below is a basic guide to create cdm templates, using the distsrv package distribution, that will set default settings for disks. This includes local disks and NFS disks.



Cdm probe 6.x or above


To enable monitoring of any newly added disk, follow these steps:

1.Drag and drop the cdm probe from the robot into the archive. When prompted, choose Configuration Only and rename the probe. Example name "_cdm_cfg"
2. Locate the _cdm_cfg file in the archive, right click and select "Edit"
3. Right click the cdm.cfg under the "Files" tab - Select "Edit File". The cdm.cfx will now pop up in an editor.
3. Modify the cdm.cfx for the cdm probe on a robot where it is deployed so that the fixed_default section contains your required settings for the highlighted values shown in the following example. If you wish to monitor the size of nfs disks, set nfs_space_check to yes, like below. 

      active = yes
      qos_disk_usage = yes
      qos_disk_usage_perc = yes

      percent = yes
      qos_inode_usage = no
      qos_inode_usage_perc = no
      inode_percent = yes
      nfs_space_check = yes
      delta_calculate_all = yes
      delta_type = both
      qos_disk_delta = no
         active = yes
         threshold = 10

         message = DiskError
         active = yes
         threshold = 20

         message = DiskWarning
         active = no
         threshold = 10
         message = InodeError
         active = no
         threshold = 20
         message = InodeWarning
         active = yes
         message = DiskMissing
         active = no
         threshold = 10
         message = DeltaError
         active = no
         threshold = 8
         message = DeltaWarning

4.  If you wish to reconfigure existing monitoring to overwrite the previous disk configuration with the fixed_default properties - add the following before <fixed_default>. You will lose any previous data in the <fixed> settings in the cdm.cfg.
Note: in CDM 6.71 and higher you should also add/set the following in the fixed_default section:
Monitor_Newly_Discovered_Disk_OnTheFly = yes
If this is set to "no" in the .cfx then the existing diskks won't be rediscovered with the new defaults.

        5.   You can then deploy this configuration to target servers either as a standalone configuration or as part of a super-package.

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