How can I monitor remote server performance objects, like % Disk Usage, etc?
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How can I monitor remote server performance objects, like % Disk Usage, etc?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


"Perfmon" probe's name is identical to the "built-in out of the box" utility available on Microsoft Windows Server operating systems, commonly used to monitor the performance of the systems, however, in Nimsoft, this probe is not intended to be used on this specific task.

As described in PerfMon probe's documentation:

"The NimBUS Performance Monitoring probe (perfmon) acts as a data repository, remotely ?fetching and holding performance objects from one or more computers. These performance counters are made available for use by OTHER monitoring probes, such as the Cisco CallManager probe and the Exchange Monitor probe. These probes instruct the perfmon probe which performance objects to monitor, and which computers to monitor."

Use the ntperf probe instead as described below:

Instead, if your needs are to monitor the performance of a given operating system, such as Windows 2008, the "ntperf" probe will accomplish this requirement .?As documented in the "ntperf" probe documentation, available at

"The Performance Collector probe can monitor performance counters on Windows NT. The Performance Collector probe is configured to send alarms on unexpected values and generate quality of service (QoS) messages. The QoS messages include the performance values.The QoS messages may contain performance values."?


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