UIM - Instructions for converting a Robot to a Hub
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UIM - Instructions for converting a Robot to a Hub


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


How can I convert a robot to a hub?




Component: CAUIM


The Hub Package in the web archive may be used to promote Windows, Linux and UNIX robots to HUB status.

1. Download the latest version of the hub package to your local Archive. 

2. To promote a robot to a hub, distribute the package (drag and drop) to the robot(s) you wish to promote.
    The new hub will broadcast its information to other "nearby" hubs and they will recognize that it has been promoted.

Important Notes:

•  If there are no hubs within the same broadcast domain, then the hub may seem to "disappear" from the IM. This is normal behaviour. In this case, you should open the primary hub's configuration tool, select the "Name Services" tab, and add the new hub into the static hub table. This will force information about the new hub into the login hub's address space and the hub will "appear" in the manager.

•  The new hub will take on the name of the robot. In other words, if the robot was named "workstation" the new hub will be named "workstation." You will see this new hub appear within the same Domain as the original robot.

•  You can change the name of the new hub using the new hub's configuration tool or in the hub.cfg file.

•  The old robot entry may remain under the old hub and be visible in Infrastructure Manager. You can remove this robot entry by launching the login hub configuration tool, selecting the robots tab, locating the old robot, and right-clicking on the robot and then choosing Remove from the pop-up menu.

•  Note that the new hub will not forward data to other hubs by default. You must establish queues appropriate for your installation. 

You will also need to install your hub license to the new hub, as it will initially be deployed with a 30-day trial license.