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UIM What are the ports used by Unified Infrastructure Management?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management On-Premise (Nimsoft / UIM)


What are the ports being used by Nimsoft?


This article was written with the 7.x series of UIM, but the information here is generally applicable to other versions of UIM.


Nimsoft used the following ports:

  • Robots -> hub: 48001(hub is spooler on hub robot) +48002, distsrv port (since distsrv is non-fixed port, so the recommendation to allow broader range) for probe license checking
  • Hub -> Robot: 48000+ or whatever set in first_probe_port
  • Hub ->AD/LDAP server: 389/686 or any customer AD port if so set
  • UIM clients accessing UIM server to download UIM client software e.g robot/infrastructure etc. And Admin Console :  UIM server on 8080/tcp
  • default port to access Admin Console and CA UIM web page through HTTPS: 8443
  • (service_host) to allow the tunnel client to access Admin Console and CA UIM web page :8443 and 8080
  • Hub ->Hub: 48002, 48003(if tunneled)
  • UIM -> Database server port (1433, 3306, 1521)
  • UMP ->Database server port (1433, 3306, 1521)
  • IM Client ->Hub(s)/robots with no tunnel:  all probe ports on all robots to successfully manage
  • IM Client -> Hubs(s)/robots with tunnel: 48000+ ports to logged in hub then connection to remote hubs/robots will go through tunnels
  • Web clients/browsers ->UMP:  80,443 or any custom port set in wasp
  • IM & Admin Console to download probe package updates: port 80 bidirectional and there is a SOAP call to pass the login information. 

Additional Information

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