PRD -Performance Report Last Page Irregular when using Report scheduler
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PRD -Performance Report Last Page Irregular when using Report scheduler


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


-> Last page of the performance report is irregular when using report scheduler to generate out the report.

"report_example1.pdf" shows?the use case where the last page of the?Performance Report?occupies the full page when generated via?Report Scheduler portlet

Solution -> It's working as designed The the way it works is that the vertical size of each chart is determined by a formula like:

(height of page) / (number of charts)

e.g. if the page was determined to be 1000 pixels high with 5 charts then each chart would be 200 pixels high (just as example, these are not real numbers just an illustration).

So on the last page since there is only one chart it takes the full page.

So for example if you put 12 charts, instead of 11 , then the last page would? have 2 charts on it that each take up about half the page, and so on.

Please see "report_example2.pdf" attached to?the article?as an example with 12 charts




Component: CAUIM

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