baseline_engine probe - QOS metrics
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baseline_engine probe - QOS metrics


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The baseline_engine probe has an upper limit (maxmetrics) of 10,000 processed QoS metrics. If the hub that the baseline_engine probe is installed on processes greater than 10,000 QoS metrics, some metrics will not have a baseline calculated. Note that there will be no loss of QoS data, only that no baseline value will be calculated in some instances.

To see the metrics that are not processed/baselined, view the skipped_message.log file.

Below is a query that will get you the number of unique QoS objects per origin (which can then be mapped to the hubs they reside under):

?? select d.origin, COUNT(d.origin) from S_QOS_DATA d group by d.origin

Some hubs will have multiple origins due to overrides, this is fine, just add the origins all together from the result set to get the total number.


Component: CAUIM