How to manually install probes
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How to manually install probes


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


In some rare cases it is necessary to be able to install probes manually.

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Component: UIMCDM


Manual NMS Probe install

Probe to be manually installed = cdm

Nimsoft installation folder = C:\Program Files\Nimsoft

  1. zip the Nimsoft\Probes\System\cdm folder on a working system of the same OS.
  2. copy the zip file to the robot where you can't deploy cdm.
  3. extract to the cdm probe folder replacing all files if they exist.
  4. copy and paste the following XML into the controller.cfg file located in the Nimsoft\robot folder

   description = CPU, Disk and Memory performance probe
   group = System
   active = yes
   type = daemon
   command = cdm.exe
   config = cdm.cfg
   datafile =
   logfile = cdm.log
   workdir = probes/system/cdm
   start_after = cluster
   magic_key = 

enable the cdm probe
restart the robot where you just installed cdm. 

Additional Information

After the above is done it is necessary to validate the probe, which is the process used by controller to create the magic_key. See this tech doc for instructions:
Is it possible to re-validate a probe via the PU Command?

Document ID: KB000047923