Dashboard Designer & Dashboard Design ACL differences
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Dashboard Designer & Dashboard Design ACL differences


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


This information is as of 6.X and higher:

Only "Dashboard Designer" ACL permission is relevant to controlling the access for NMS user to Dashboard Designer in UMP.

The other ACLs:
"Dashboard Design"
"Dashboard Upload"
"Dashboard Download"
"Dashboard Publish"

are deprecated permissions that actually haven't been used since a product called "Enterprise Console" which was the predecessor to UMP.

Regular UIM users (previously known as 'real nimbus users') who have the "Dashboard Designer" permission set in their ACL can create, edit, and publish dashboards. Currently there is no granularity for this by user or permissions.

Account contact users with the Custom Dashboards permission can open published dashboards for viewing.? The "Dashboard Designer" permission is irrelevant to Account Contact Users and won't be applied.

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