Change the VIP for VMware Aria Automation 8.x installations to a new CNAME
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Change the VIP for VMware Aria Automation 8.x installations to a new CNAME


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VMware Aria Suite


  • After having already installed Aria Automation (formerly vRealize Automation) 8.x using the names desired at the time, a customer decides they want to use a different name for the VIP URL of the Aria Automation portal.
  • This is what users will see and how they will access Aria Automation. Using these steps below, the URL to access Aria Automation can be changed to a more desirable name.
  • The steps in this article can be used to change the virtual IP (VIP) URL of VMware Aria Automation 8.x appliance to a new name.


VMware Aria Automation 8.x
VMware vRealize Automation 8.x



  1. Create a CNAME DNS Record pointing to the existing VIP FQDN, a new certificate, and import it in the Aria Suite Lifecycle locker.
Note: Per the product documentation, the new certificate SAN should list the FQDNs of the three cluster nodes and the IP addresses of the nodes. Additionally, it should list the VIP IP address, its FQDN (old name), and the new FQDN of the DNS alias record (CNAME). It is not required to change the reverse DNS PTR record.
  1. If SSL is terminated on the load balancer (L7 Mode), manually replace the certificate on this interface.
  2. SSH into any appliance in the cluster. Run
    vracli load-balancer set CNAME
Note: This step also updates the vIDM client registration.
  1. In Aria Suite Lifecycle, run the Replace Certificate Day 2 Operation for the Aria Automation 8.x environment: image.png
Note: This step restarts the cluster. No need to additionally run /opt/scripts/
  1. In vIDM Workspace One Application Catalog, update the application target URL in the app catalog on VMware Identity Manager.
  • Login to vIDM.
  • Switch to the Administration Console followed by: Catalog > Web AppsSelect the Automation instance > Edit > Modify Target URL to reflect the new CNAME FQDN.
  1. In Aria Suite Lifecycle run Trigger Inventory Sync for the VMware Aria Automation 8.x environment.image.png
Note: This will update the Cluster VIP FQDN value for Aria Automation within the Aria Suite Lifecycle environment.