Increase root '/' partition on VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.x
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Increase root '/' partition on VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.x


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VMware Aria Suite


  • Steps to increase the space 

  • Root partition '/' on VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.x (formerly vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.x) appliance is 100% full.


VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.x


  • It is always recommended to find the files consuming the space and remove them before manually increasing the size of root as per KB: 92978
  • To manually increase the root '/' partition check the workaround section. 

  • Pre-requisite : Take backup (clone of the appliance)
  1. Power down the vRLCM
  2. Extend the "Hard disk 1" from standard 10GB to 15GB
  3. Power on the vRLCM
  4. Login to ssh session and check current space  
Run this command to check that the space has been extended on the /dev/sda drive :
From above you see sda size is increased but partition /dev/sda4 still on default 8.9G
  1. Now we need to change the root partition to take advantage of the extended disk space.# fdisk /dev/sda
# p will print the current setup
# d will prompt for which partition to delete and default to the last created number 4 - delete the partition
# n will prompt to create a new partition - accept all defaults and you should now have a partition 4 which has consumed the extra space you added. When asked about removing the signature choose ‘Y’
You can enter ‘p’ again to print the results which should look like below :
# w will WRITE the partition table changes - if you do q to quit - no changes will be applied
  1. Update the boot UUID as the above process creates a new one
First run 'blkid' command to confirm the current UUID of /dev/sda4
From above new partition UUID = "a6657eb2-0279-b648-8fca-07d96fb35478"
Update the /boot/grub2/grub.cfg file with the new partition UUID for sda4
vi /boot/grub2/grub.cfg
To check the current grub.cfg file looks like:
Scroll down to line with this entry:
set rootpartition=PARTUUID=x
from the above screenshot currently its :
set rootpartition=PARTUUID=61e317c0-2d91-486a-b915-037ddc4abbb4
Replace with updated value from the blkid command ran earlier : a6657eb2-0279-b648-8fca-07d96fb35478
The /boot/grub2/grub.cfg should now have the updated UUID for root partition, confirm by running a cat on the file :
  1. Now run reboot command to reboot the appliance :
Check the status of the appliance in vCenter web console, once up, confirm the space is now available